How General Contractors and Real Estate Agents Connect

General contractors are great at building relationships. We build them with our subcontractors and our employees. We stay connected with our previous clients. We are constantly meeting potential clients. Connections help our business grow. One connection that many don’t often realize as being immensely beneficial is the relationship between a general contractor and a real estate agent. 

Real estate agents who work with sellers are often aware of code violations on a property or can determine what work will be needed to sell a property. In order to fix code violations, for example, a real estate agent can refer a general contractor to bring the property up to code before putting the property on the market. 

Real estate agents also have a keen eye for what sort of work needs to be done in order to make a house more appealing to a potential buyer. Sellers often find it beneficial to take these suggestions into account before putting their property on the market. From structural changes to cosmetic touch-ups, these recommendations can be fulfilled by a general contractor. 

Real estate agents who work with buyers are in a privileged position to refer general contractors to new buyers who would like to make alterations on their homes. Especially buyers who are new to an area. While buyers may be able to read online reviews, a word of mouth recommendation is still the most trusted review. 

Lastly, as general contractors, we often know current and former property owners who are in the market to sell or buy. While seeking referrals, we are also always looking to connect with trustworthy real estate agents to refer our clients too. Not only do referrals go both ways but this also opens the door for potential cross promotional opportunities. When connections are made, everyone thrives - whether they are looking for referrals, buyers and sellers, or just seeking to network.