Hardwood Floors - Before & After

Many homes have beautiful hardwood floors waiting to reemerge from underneath outdated vinyl tiles or carpet. We recently revived the hardwood floors in a Chicago kitchen. The client originally thought this would be a simple DIY project but then contacted us when it was a bit more than they could handle. 

The client successfully pulled up the first layer of vinyl tile and pressboard. They were shocked to find that underneath there were two layers ancient vinyl tiles and tack paper. This makes 4 layers on top of the original hardwood floor. 

Vinyl Tile > Pressboard > More Vinyl Tile > Tack Paper > Hardwood 

Because of the age of the bottom layer of vinyl tiles, there was a concern of asbestos fibers being present. For this reason, they decided to call professionals. 

Shortly after we arrived to finishing removing the original tiles, we encountered another problem.  

A large area of the floor was missing where there was previously a wall. This photo was taken after the plaster had been removed from the hole. This presented a new challenge as now wood would have to be cut in order fit each individual space. Not a problem! 

The entire process took a day to replace the missing boards, sand and stain and then a second day to dry completely. 

Here is the finished product:  

Are you considering refinishing your hardwood floors? If so contact us for a consultation and we’d be happy to go over how we can bring your hardwood floors back to life!