Updated Chicago Bungalow Living Room & Dining Room

This  living room & dining room typical Chicago bungalow in Mayfair was in need of a fresh coat of paint. Originally, the walls were painted white. After usual wear & tear and nicotine staining, the walls needed a facelift to bring the living room and dining room to life.

It was much to the delight of Monticello Construction Services, LTD to learn that the ceilings were in near perfect condition. The space also had well intact dark wood trim. We were excited to get to work. The homeowners' chose Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue (HC-156) for both rooms. At first, there was a bit of hesitation because it is a dark color for a living room & dining room. They were anxious to see the transformation.

What a transformation! This particular shade of blue was indeed dark, it complimented the space really well in contrast to the white ceiling and dark trim.

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