5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a General Contractor

While you are able to successfully complete many home repairs on your own, sometimes it is best to hire a professional. DIY is gratifying and cost-effective, but can occasionally lead to chaos and overspending. Hiring a general contractor will help you complete your job professionally, and in a timely manner.


Here are some reasons why:


  • Experience - General Contractors have probably seen and managed a variety of different types of jobs through the years. Because of this, they have the experience to design, manage and execute your job with expertise.

  • Resources - Often, General Contractors have the resources that you do not have to complete a job. Whether this be employees, supplies or knowledge of the project.

  • Project Management - General Contractors are project managers. While they may subcontract the work, they can overall manage your project with ease.

  • License & Insurance - To work as a General Contractor, one will have insurance and a license- things that you would not necessarily have if you were the general contractor for a DIY home improvement project.

  • Knowledge - Many General Contractors have knowledge through experience. From building codes to acquiring permits to completing work to clean up. General Contractors will have a greater knowledge of this than a DIY-er.


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